Towards Economic Opportunity for All

The charge of the Economic Development Committee is to develop actionable strategies to grow new jobs, retain existing jobs and businesses, and promote entrepreneurship in Montgomery by preparing our citizens for future advancement. The committee will identify opportunities that are aligned with industry needs and trends which present the greatest impact for success here at home. They will assess best practices in workforce development, as well as recommend clear
guidelines that will provide equitable access to any incentive provided by the City.

Economic Development Committee Members

Jake Aronov, Committee Co-Chair
Katie Britt, Committee Co-Chair
Anna Buckalew, Committee Member
Helena Duncan, Committee Member
Andre Howard, Committee Member
Samuel P. Martin, Committee Member

Ed Nettles, Committee Member
Essence Phenix, Committee Member
J. Scott Pierce, Committee Member
Ronald Simmons, Committee Member
Rosalind Toles, Committee Member
John Yelverton, Committee Member

Preparing Our Community for Success

The Education Committee’s charge is to develop recommendations to increase investments in universal all-day pre-K and our public school system. This committee should also recommend strategies to strengthen ties between municipal government and our higher education community; to expand apprenticeships and workforce development opportunities; and to create an education ecosystem that values educators, prepares our youth, provides opportunities for lifelong learning and delivers a ready workforce that will enhance business attraction and economic development efforts.

Education Committee Members

Lori Boone, Committee Co-Chair
Dr. Carl Stockton, Committee Co-Chair
Anthony Brock, Committee Member
Dr. Farrell Duncombe, Committee Member
Cheryl Fountain, Committee Member
Justin Hampton, Committee Member
John McWilliams, Committee Member
Alison Muhlendorf, Committee Member
Carey Owens, Committee Member
Michael Sibley, Committee Member
Ada Katherine Van Wyhe, Committee Member

A Community That Lives Well

The charge of the Health and Human Services Committee is to develop a set of recommendations that will encourage and empower the citizens of Montgomery to live well. The recommendations should include strategies to address mental health challenges, the growing homeless population, and focus on identifying affordable housing options and increasing home ownership. This Committee will also determine how we can leverage opportunity zones to eliminate food deserts,
advance investment and reinvestment initiatives, and support a green-built environment that encourages stability.

Health & Human Services Committee Members

John Baker, Committee Co-Chair
Dr. Brian Gary, Committee Co-Chair
Joy Blondhelm, Committee Member
Gilbert Darrington, Committee Member
Willie Durham, Committee Member
Chase Fisher, Committee Member
John Hillary, Committee Member
Shakita Jones, Committee Member
Patricia Holliday June, Committee Member
Nick Mielke, Committee Member

Creating a Safer, Stronger Montgomery

The charge of the Public Safety Committee is to develop recommendations to transform the Montgomery Police Department and other relevant departments into modern, data-driven, high performing departments that will effectively engage citizens and secure a better quality of life. The recommendations should consider the recruitment, retention and deployment of first responders; innovative solutions and technologies to improve operations and incident response; improving relationships and perception within neighborhoods and communities across the city; violence reduction strategies and programs to reduce the number of handguns in our communities.

Public Safety & Thriving Neighborhoods Committee Members

Tom Methvin, Committee Co-Chair
David Whitlow, Committee Co-Chair
Jennifer Adams, Committee Member
Larry Armstead, Committee Member
Craig Boykin, Committee Member
Victorrus Felder, Committee Member
Tony Garrett, Committee Member
Courtney Meadows, Committee Member
Kevin Murphy, Committee Member
Ashley Roseboro, Committee Member
Andrew Skier, Committee Member
Haley Steelman, Committee Member

A City Thriving in Arts & Culture

The charge of the Cultural Arts & Entertainment Committee is to develop recommendations to bolster existing arts and cultural assets, and to support a growing local arts economy. As Montgomery is a destination city, known for its historic museums, the Cultural Arts and Entertainment Committee will focus on how existing assets can serve as a catalyst for growth opportunities, while exploring new priorities that articulate the role that arts and culture will play
in the City of Montgomery. Recommendations should consider the City’s role in sustaining arts and culture through an active entertainment district and tourism.

Cultural Arts & Entertainment Committee Members

Ashley Jernigan, Committee Co-Chair
Dr. Laurie Weil, Committee Co-Chair
Dr. Felicia Bell, Committee Member
Paul Davis, Committee Member
Rick Dildine, Committee Member
Kalonji Gilchrist, Committee Co-Chair
Kevin King, Committee Co-Chair
Ashley Ledbetter, Committee Member
Jaylon Pickett, Committee Member
Perry Varner, Committee Member
Ted White, Committee Member

Improving Access and Mobility

The charge of the Infrastructure and Transportation Committee is to evaluate the current state of the city’s infrastructure and make recommendations to expand access to broadband, improve public transportation and identify sources to invest in better drainage, as well as surface and subsurface infrastructure needs.

Infrastructure & Transportation Committee Members

Lance Hunter, Committee Co-Chair
Boyd Stephens, Committee Co-Chair
Khalilah Hayes, Committee Member
Julian Howard, Committee Member
Robyn Hyden, Committee Member
Col. Kyna McCall, Committee Member
Marlon McMillian, Committee Member
David Reed, Committee Member
Leslie Sander, Committee Member
John Steiner, Committee Member
Marshall Taggart, Committee Member

Eddie Welch, Committee Member